netFormulary Coventry and Warwickshire Area Prescribing Committee NHS
 Formulary Chapter 25: A2 - Borderline substances - Full Section
Numbers in brackets indicate counts of (Formulary items, Non Formulary items)
A2.01 Enteral feeds (0,0)
A2.02 Nutritional supplements (5,0)
A2.02.02.03 Nutritional supplements: More than 1.5 kcal/mL and 5 g (or more) protein/100 mL (0,1)
A2.03 Specialised formulas (0,0)
A2.03.01 Specialised formulas: Infant and child (0,1)
A2.03.02 Specialised formulas for specific clinical conditions (0,1)
A2.04 Feed supplements (0,0)
A2.04.02 Fibre, vitamin, and mineral supplements (0,0)
Vitamin and Mineral supplements (0,0)
A2.05 Feed additives (0,0)
A2.05.01 Special additives for conditions of intolerance (0,2)
A2.05.02 Feed thickeners and pre-thickened drinks (2,0)
A2.06 Foods for special diets (0,0)
A2.06.01 Gluten-free foods (1,2)
A2.06.01.01 Gluten and wheat-free foods (0,0)
A2.07 Nutritional supplements for metabolic diseases (0,0)
Glutaric aciduria (type 1) (0,0)
Glucogen storage disease (0,0)
Homocystinuria or hypermethioninaemia (0,0)
Hyperlysinamia (0,0)
sovaleric acidaemia (0,0)
Maple syrup urine disease (0,0)
Methylmalonic or propionic acidaemia (0,0)
Other inborn errors of metabolism (0,0)
Phenylketonuria (0,0)
Tyrosinaemia (0,0)
Urea cycle disorders (other than arginase deficiency) (0,0)